Photo by Adam Kobayashi
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Noseglider Longboard


7’0”, 8’0”, 8’6”, 9'2”, 9’6”


The NoseGlider turns as well as it noserides. It has a full curvy outline. Blunt nose with single concave for lift and speed, then classic vee bottom through the tail. The full rounded pin turns smooth and speeds rail to rail transitions while still holding in critical sections. Easy paddling and glide. The Mini version whips around effortlessly but still noserides. The NoseGlider is great for experienced surfers looking for a versatile single fin + tip time, as well as for beginners just having fun.


triple 6-oz. glass deck (with optional 4-oz. warp glass knee patch), double 6-oz. E glass bottom

Fin Setups

Single (Farberow Flex Fin), 2+1

Top photo by Adam Kobayashi

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Photo by Chris Burkard